Every Friday, we’ll be posting easy ferments, tips and resources from Kinda Easy Recipes.  The series will be called #FermentedFriday focusing on fermentation + information to get started!  It is so exciting share easy ways to add health boosting foods into every meal!

Fermented Jalapenos 

Fermented jalapenos take classic foods and boost their taste and nutritional content.  Everybody’s favorite classic nachos are loaded with melted cheese and jalapeño slices.  Usually, these are popped out of a can and the brine is drained.  At sporting events, parties, and any event nachos with pickled jalapeños are a classic hit.  With a little bit of effort you can make these foods easier to digest and healthier!


Pickled Jalapeños

Basically pickled jalapeños are immersed in vinegar and preserve that way.  The acid preserves the food and that delicious crunch.  However, you should consider pickling jalapeños through fermentation instead for a few great reasons. 

Benefits of fermented jalapeños

Fermentation eats up the carbohydrate content in vegetables and fruit.  As a result, the lactic acid created in the process (bubbles + fizz we see) preserve the food just as well.  In addition, the fermentation process increases the nutritional value and boosts your gut health.

Fermented foods offer a variety of health benefits including:

  • probiotics
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B12
  • antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, that help heal the gut lining and prevent ulcers.


Easy fermented jalapenos

The amazing health benefits of fermented foods make eating them a no brainer.  The lactofermentation process has the power to bring out nutrients, predigest foods, and eat up the carbs leaving you to only digest the nutritional content.  Also, an increased amount of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, healthy bacteria, and antioxidants help keep bloating, headaches, and fatigue and other common health issues controlled.  Sauerkraut is another ferment that is easy to pair with meals get the easy recipe for sauerkraut here.


Fermented Jalapenos
Yields 1
Easy recipe for fermented jalapenos. Enjoy these with nachos, loaded fries, or your favorite meals for a probiotic and nutritient boost!
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  1. 1 3/4 cup sliced jalapenos
  2. 2 heaping teaspoons of real salt
  3. filtered water
  1. After slicing all jalapenos pack them into a jar with the salt.
  2. Add enough water to fill the jar leaving an inch gap for a weight.
  3. Stir everything around, or cover the jar and shake it up.
  4. Place into your cupboard, or cover with a flour sac towel and leave on counter. The key is to keep the jar in a dark, cool place.
  5. Ferment for 5-7 days, opening jar up and burping every few days.
  6. Transfer to refrigerator.
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