Egg Free Recipes

The second most common food allergy: Eggs

Out of all the food allergies, eggs are one of the hardest to avoid specially in gluten free recipes.  Egg allergy is the most common in children, which not all but most outgrow before adulthood.  The allergenic proteins are found in the egg whites, but since the yolks are cross contaminated the whole egg is off limits if you suffer from an egg allergy.  An egg intolerance and sensitivity is also very common specially during an autoimmune disease. 

A food allergy is very different from sensitivities and intolerance, although they share many symptoms.  An allergic reaction can be fatal, while a food intolerance can be uncomfortable it is not life threatening.

Reading food labels is very important when following an allergen friendly diet.  Ingredients are not always listed in the most basic form.  These are some of the ingredients to keep an eye out for if you need to avoid eggs: 

  • Dried Eggs
  • Powdered Eggs 
  • Egg solids
  • Egg whites & egg yolks
  • Albumin 
  • Lysozyme
  • Meringue
  • Ovalbumin 

Egg in baked goods

Some children do not have a reaction to eggs in baked goods.  When eggs are heated the protein’s composition changes.  Although this only applies to children as most adults with an egg allergy or intolerance can not tolerate egg in any amount or cooking method.



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