Maple Breakfast Sausage with Organs Recipe 

I am so happy with this recipe! I get overly excited anytime I can sneak organ meats to my family.  Why would I do such a thing to them?  Organ meats are nutrition gold mines, especially beneficial to children and nursing or pregnant women as well.  We have all those under our roof, so organ meats are a must over here.  

Benefits of adding organ meats back into our diet:

Did you know there was a time when eating organ meat was totally normal, no fuss around liver, kidneys, heart, tongue, and brains.  These were actually the first part of the animal our ancestors would eat.  The muscle meat was seen as less quality meat, not wasted of course but it just wasn’t our natural first choice.  Now days organ meats are actually the most affordable cut you can get from your local farmer because they are the least popular.  I know I didn’t go out buying liver until I knew of all these health benefits we were missing out on.  

To find organ meats, find a local trusted source, where you know the animals are living in the best standard possible.  Chicken and beef liver are the easiest to find, sometimes even Whole Foods has liver!  Although keep in mind you’ll find a way better bargain directly from the source, and the best quality as well.  

If your family is not used to eating organ meat, they will probably not be as excited to eat plain liver so sneaking it into ground meat is such an easy way to get these nutrients into their body.  Start small, add a few ounces per pound and slowly you’ll find yourself using 1:1 of organs and meat without anybody complaining.  Eventually our taste buds adjust and our body craves these foods! 

More on organ meat health benefits here!

Sneakiest Recipe

Usually homemade breakfast sausage patties are ground pork or chicken, maple syrup, and spices, well that’s the perfect recipe to mask the organs right in there with no funny taste.  I can’t even tell the difference from our regular breakfast sausage recipe and this one!  

Hope you enjoy this super nutritious recipe, please drop a comment with feedback!